Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paris Ceramics now has a new owner

Paris Ceramics luxury antique stone and tile flooring dealer has been bought by luxury wall and floor specialist De Ferranti. ‘Of course, I’ll be refining the collection,’ says Alvaro de Ferranti, ‘but without taking away those very classic qualities of product that designers loved from the heyday of Paris Ceramics’. De Ferranti have already moved into the Paris Ceramics showroom at 583 King’s Road, London SW6, 020 7371 7778.

De Ferranti

Paris Ceramics


  1. My husband and myself went to them for a stone floor and were put off by the new owner, who we felt was a con artist. Be careful our friends were also ripped off here!!!

  2. Dear All, it looks like these defamatory comments come from my ex- business partner pretending to be 'The Lamptons'. I, the new owner of Paris Ceramics, have been working in the surfaces industry for over 10 years. I have never 'ripped' anybody off and have a good name in the industry. Should I be mistaken by the above claim, and that the Lamptons do indeed exist, i would like to discuss their concerns directly with them, furthermore, I would like to do the same with their 'friends' who they claim we have ripped off. We have been the owners of Paris Ceramics for just over four months. We know of no disgruntled clients nor are we aware of The Lamptons ! I'm off now to do more important things...


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