Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Push the green message

Letter taken from ATG, 16 May 2009

SIR - I fully agree with the issues raised regarding reuse within the antiques industry, as mentioned in Henry Sandon and Iain Brunt's letter of ATG No 1886.

I feel these points should be continually raised and promoted to increase public awareness to effectively reduce landfill and actively encourage participation in providing a second life for otherwise discarded chattels.

How many times do we hear of a "skip find" or of a worthless item that was being thrown away only to find it has a value. Ecologically, reuse is far more effective than recycling. Reuse provides no extra energy use, no extra production, a reduction of disposal costs and facilities.

As a family company involved in the antiques industry for over 30 years promoting antique and collectable events in the North of England, we estimate that throughout last year our efforts diverted in the region of 700 metric tonnes of goods form the potential waste stream to a sustainable second life.

We introduced a Re-Use-It-Sale to our series of events in 2008. Our event at the Sipton Livestock Auction Mart (reuse it facilities) is introducing both public and trade to the concept of reuse in all its fundamental glory, encouraging the public at large to participate in the buying and selling of antiques and collectables and good secondhand reusable items.

The antiques trade has to move forward and keep pace with changing perceptions, economic downturns and stigma reversal.

I say bring on reuse, it's the future.


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