Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Victorian bath rowed over English Channel

Tim FitzHigham created a new world record and raised alot of money for charity when he completed his extraordinary journey across the English Channel in a Thomas Crapper bathtub. Rowing single handedly for nine hours, he left the coast of France at 4am on June 9th and arrived at Folkestone at 1pm that afternoon.

In a remarkable feat of stamina, endurance and a supreme maritime achievement, Tim is the first man in history to complete the journey in a bathtub. For the Bathtub challenge, Tim used a plan devised by the Romans for rowing in tidal water, which he believes to be watertight. Tim says “It’s a failsafe plan – it hasn’t failed in 2000 years,” however, when pressed he admits it’s actually only been used once in the last 2000 years!

Tim FitzHigham is enthused by the idea of showing the craft at the Salvo Fair and perhaps even 'opening it'. After overcoming problems with storage and transportation, due to it being twin-hulled and over twenty feet. It is now being stored in a yard in Hertford and Tim is having a trailer made especially for the Salvo Fair. So seems that the Thomas Crapper bathtub will come to the fair and hopefully with its captain if prior engagements to the Glastonbury Festival allow.

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