Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Landfill Tax

THE Landfill Tax for active waste went up by £8.00 per tonne in April, taking it from 24 pounds/tonne to 32 pounds/tonne. It is set to rise still further at the rate of 8 pounds/tonne for the following two years. Inactive waste going to landfill will increase to £2.50 per tonne from April 2008 and the Aggregates Levy on the extraction of virgin aggregates will increase to £1.95 per tonne

April 2008 will also see the introduction of Site Waste Management Plans. The Federation is currently working on the development of a SWMP template for members which will be available shortly free of charge.

Inactive waste going to landfill has increased to 2.50 pounds per tonne and the Aggregates Levy on the extraction of virgin aggregates has increased to 1.95 pounds per tonne . Alistair Darling commented: "Landfill tax increases the price of waste sent to landfill, encouraging more sustainable ways of managing waste. The tax - working with other measures - has been successful with overall quantities of waste recorded at landfill sites registered for the tax falling by around 26%. The UK is on track to meet its 2010 targets under the Landfill Directive."

Matthew Thomson, chief executive of the London Community Recycling Network, said, 'We welcome the increase in Landfill Tax, but are tempering our excitement with the fact that the true cost of landfill can not be priced. An inspirational Budget would move towards carbon accounting, a budget which puts the value on the real cost of our use of resources.'

Site Waste Management Plans have also now been introduced, but more on that next week.

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