Friday, May 30, 2008

Love London

1st - 21st June 2008, London UK

Above: Recycled sculpture at London Zoo

Love London is an annual green festival, celebrating projects and organisations that are making a real contribution to creating a more sustainable capital. Throughout June hundreds of events will take place across the city with ordinary Londoners and grassroots groups showcasing innovative local events alongside high-profile regulars such as the Camden Green Fair and the Revolve Brighton to London Eco-Rally. This huge variety of events is expected to draw some half a million Londoners.

One of the many events which will be taking place in conjunction with Love London is The Recycled sculpture Show which will run until September 5 at London Zoo. Hubcaps, crockery and tyres have been used to create a new batch of arrivals at a zoo. More than 20 artists have provided eco-friendly animals such as a great white shark made from old hubcaps, a 'Tyreannosaurus' – built, not surprisingly, from used tyres – and a chicken consisting of broken crockery.

Love London

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