Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Second Chance

Carroll Camden Urban Renewal Area, Baltimore Harbor USA

An 11 acre site in the Camden Urban Renewal Area of Southeast Baltimore has just been sold to the Baltimore Development Corporation, for $1.7M. The property is home to Second Change Inc. A nonprofit architectural salvage and antiques seller that runs work force development programs for former prison inmates. Along with this the BDC have approved plans to develop a mixed-use development that would use Lewis' Ray of Light Centre - an athletic facility for at-risk youth, and is to become known as the Gateway to the South. The project is planned to be as green as possible and include features such as rainwater recycling systems, tinted windows, green roofs and highly energy efficient HVAC systems.

M. J Brodie president of BDC said that " It is very important to recycle old industrial land into vibrant, mixed-use developments". Foster added that he expects that Second Chance will move to an even bigger location in about three years. The organisation has proposed a plan for a green village, including its own location and the headquarters and several other environmentally friendly business, on the site of the old Potee-Garrett landfill in South Baltimore.

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