Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Charity shop find

Lanarkshire, Scotland UK

Everyone dreams of unique and valuable antiques lying in charity shops waiting to be snapped up. That is exactly what one Lanarkshire housewife did, when she found a late 17th century, 12 hour lantern clock. It took Rita Inch, now 79, around 40 years to realise what she had picked up in a charity shop for about £70. Her story came to light when she and her husband John decided to donate the clock to a museum. With no children to leave their possessions to, they wanted to make sure it went to a good home where it would be appreciated.

Mrs Inch later found out that the clock was made by renowned Edinburgh-based clockmaker Richard Mills. Mrs Inch said,, "I found the clock in the late 1960's so we have had it for a long time. We are happy to give it to the museum. It was made in Edinburgh, so it should go back home and be looked after there." Brian Loomes author of The Early Clockmakers Of Great Britain believes that the clock dates back to the 1670's. it is expected that the clock will go on display in Edinburgh soon.

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