Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Environmental code for commercial buildings

Achieving zero-carbon non-domestic buildings will be a more complicated affair than homes according to The UK Green Building Council. By adopting a similar 'trajectory' to the incremental improvements proposed for homes, a deadline of 2020, which recognises the difficulties in achieving zero carbon buildings. The proposal then requires occupiers to pay for any carbon emissions over and above the level indicated.

The Good Homes Alliance has applauded the decision to introduce an environment code for commercial buildings. Chairman Neil May said recently "The first important step in reducing emissions is to measure their current level. Although it is essential that this measure is accurate and honest, which will challenge where building perform badly. The Good Homes Alliance now insists on a 70% reduction in absolute carbon and energy compared to the average property. It is initiatives such as these that will help to ensure we are reducing the carbon emissions and environmental impact of our buildings in reality, not just on paper."

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