Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Reused house facade

Pines Garden, near Dover UK
eSalvo reader Will Carleton (CEO of Photo Archive News) sent in this weeks reuse of the week: the facade of a London town house on the upper part of 73 Cheapside, demolished in the 1920s, which has been reused in the Pines Garden, just outside Dover, to be admired and provide supporting flower beds for the plants.

The caption on the commemorative plaque reads:

This handsome facade on an important city mansion which was erected in 1669 following the Great Fire in 1666, stood a few doors east of Queen Street and here it is said that Sir William Turner kept his mayorality 1668-9. It was occupied later by Mr. Thomas Regg, the bookseller. A view of this house drawn by T. H. Shepherd in about 1830 is illustrated in a number of books on the City of London.

The house was demolished in the 1920s. Since then the facade has been housed in various places and efforts to reconstruct it in the City of London and elsewhere have proved unsuccessful.

The elevation which was the upper part of 73 Cheapside was offered to the Trustees in 1975 who decided to lay it out in the Pines Garden rather than see the destruction of this fine facade.

Pines Gardens


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