Friday, June 04, 2010

Builder died on demolition site from a blow to the head

Poole UK
A builder working on a demolition job died after a lump of barn wall 2ft long hit him on the head. He was working with his son, Jamie, at Dunbury Farm House in Winterborne Houghton, when the tragedy happened in November 2008. Giving evidence at the Dorchester inquest, his son said, “I was standing on the rubble facing the wall drilling right to left. Me and my dad were chatting now and then. A big lump came off, I looked to see where it landed and saw my dad laying on the floor face up on the rubble."

Despite CPR carried out by workmen from the neighbouring site, and by paramedics when they arrived 20 minutes later, Mr Ford never regained consciousness and died at the scene. Jamie told the inquest he believed all safety equipment would be on site, but neither man was wearing a hard hat.

Daily Echo

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