Monday, December 21, 2009

Time for the government to listen to reuse

Steve Tomlin discusses the outcome of his meeting at the House of Commons on his blog (see link below). Unfortunately after his meeting at Whitehall which held so much promise, sadly there was no mention in any literature, posters or speeches about Reuse and Reclamation.

Steve asks if the authorities will wake up to Reuse and Reclamation? He calls for the reclamation trade to "lobby to convince politicians that they are directed into a policy cul-de-sac that solves nothing. We need to remove subsidy to the demolishers and recyclate industry and redirect priorities away from incineration as a central plinth of our campaigns for Environmental Sustainability. There will be a case for crushing and burning, but only on the margins if we are to recover the full carbon value of scarce materials," said Steve.


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