Monday, December 14, 2009

The cultural demolition of Kashgar, China

Kashgar, Xinjiang province China

According to Chinese officials Kashgar must be destroyed because of its susceptibility to earthquakes. Kashgar is one of the best preserved traditional Islamic cities in central Asia. Many of the families will be offered apartments in high-rise buildings. In place of the old city, the Chinese plan to erect apartments, plazas and avenues lined with reproductions of ancient Islamic architecture, which they say will help "preserve Uighur culture." Families have been offered cash bonuses if they move out early - $30 for those who vacate within 20 days; $15 if they move in a month.

Above: Kashgar's old wall, a 35-ft. berm, meets a billboard promoting a new residential compound.

Above: Dust from demolitions engulfs the ancient city.


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