Monday, September 28, 2009

Seven figure sum of treasure found in a field

Above - Gold strip with the inscription 'Rise up O Lord, and may thy enemies be dispersed and those who hate thee be driven from thy face' taken from Vulgate, the Bible used by Saxons.

Above - Sword fitting with animal-related design known as Salin's Style II

Staffordshire, England - A hoard of Anglo Saxon gold and silver has been found in a farmers field in Staffordshire. The stash is five times bigger than the 1.5kg find in 1939 at Sutton Hoo. Terry Herbert who found the loot in a farmer friends field has been metal detecting for 18 years and said 'it is what metal detectorists dream of'. The boxes of treasure comprise of 1,500 pieces; 5kg of gold and 2.2kg of Silver, and could take more than a year to be valued.

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