Thursday, September 17, 2009

Build your own bike out of bamboo

Above: Sean Murray, co-founder of Bamboo Bikes in Red Hook, with one of his eco-friendly bikes from bamboo which, he says, "is stronger than steel." [Pict. NY Daily News]

A Brooklyn company is teaching New Yorkers to create their own bikes from scratch using bamboo in a 16 hour, two day course. Over 60 people have shelled out the $1,250 to build custom bamboo bikes since the shop opened in June.

"Most people aspire to one day change a tire, let alone make a bike. Bamboo bikes boast benefits over traditional two-wheelers - they're lighter and stronger than high-end carbon frames. Bamboo's unique structure allows for more shock absorption and a smoother ride than carbon," said Sean Murray, 26, co-owner of the Bamboo Bike Studio in Red Hook.

NY Daily News

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