Friday, July 03, 2009

Gaze Rural & Domestic Bygones

Gaze, Diss Norfolk 04 July 2009
Over 1000 lots auctioned by Carl Willows at Gaze auction house.

Above: Lot 6293. A Singer 46K circa 1900 in original bentwood case, excellent Ottoman Carnation decoration, Serial No P362774 it has an estimate of £55 to £65.

Above: Lot 6314. An enamel sign - Petter Oil Engines, estimated at £100 to £150.

Above: Lot 6338. A 15th Century and later tinker's barrow, spoked wheel driving a grindstone with various compartments housing tools and fittings, estimated at £600 to £800.

Above: Lot 6339. A run of three 1930's cinema seats, estimated at £80 to £120.

Above: Lot 7014. A bier - metal spoked wheels, estimated at £150 to £180.

Gaze Rural & Domestic Bygones catalogue

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