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Exploding German balls and big sales at Salvo Fair 2009

Above: Biggest stand and sale went to Ronson Reclaim from Gloucestershire

Salvo Fair 26-28 June 2009, Knebworth House, Herts UK

RONSON Reclaim had the biggest stand at 3,000sqft at Knebworth and the highest single sale at this years fair of £30,000 to a new client on the Sunday. Several dealers reported sales in excess of £10,000 including newcomer Neale Hargreaves of Hargreaves Reclaimed Flooring from Scotland with a sale of reclaimed Travertine floor slabs which came from the Royal Museum in Edinburgh, on offer at £70sqm for 600sqm.

Last year exceeded expectations with the recession looming, and this year we were all slightly nervous, but it was deemed the best yet by most of the dealers present with a constant flood of privates, together with a respectable number of trade buyers, not only on the Friday trade day but throughout the weekend. Among the 67 stands were a sprinkling of Belgian, French, Irish and for the first time this year, German dealers, amongst whose stock were 200 round cast iron balls used in an old mill for crushing pigment. Amazingly, if two balls were thrown against each other they exploded as if a large percussion cap had gone off. No-one has yet explained why but it provided much merriment and one or two near heart attacks during the festivities.

The weather was warm, with rain showers on Friday but none during the weekend, apart from a three hour downpour during the traditional Saturday night exhibitor barbie which did not dampen spirits, although a shortage of food did. Salvo will try to get this right next year.

A new layout was tried, with the grand avenue opening out at the far end into a large square, which will be enlarged and improved next year. Stands are likely to be capped at a maximum of 80 next year, so if you would like a stand please book early. The dates are 25, 26 and 27 June 2010.

Once again our thanks go to this year's two sponsors, Period Living magazine and T W Gaze auctioneers who both turned out in force over the weekend, as well as Wocko and the Knebworth Estate, and all the exhibitors and visitors, who made the fair a pleasure to run.

Above: Robots descend on Salvo Fair 2009 to join the thousands of other visitors who came to rummage amongst the the architectural salvage, garden antiques and reclaimed building materials.

Above: Guy Trench's stand.
Guy said, "Another great fair, thoroughly enjoyed and signs of some good after sales."

Above: Morris interiors stand.
Mark Morris said, "A very successful fair all round the attendance was superb and we did very well. If there was one piece of advice I could give to exhibitors next year it would be to take a mobile credit card machine. Most of our sales were made through it and I believe it generated more sales as the visitors did not have to go off site to get cash."

Above: The stand of Ronson Reclaim
Ron Jones said, "The fair was a complete success, we were very happy, the weather was great and we look forward to next year. The only thing I would suggest for future fairs is to encourage bigger items."

Above: Smiths Architectural Salvage
Tony Smith said, "Another good fair which we very much enjoyed and sold a lot of doors."

Above: The stand of Steptoe's Yard.
Andrew Shorten said, "To all old and new contacts met at the Salvo fair thankyou for making it such an enjoyable weekend and see you next year."

Salvo Fair

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