Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pub demolition sparks woman's anger

Scarborough, UK

A SCARBOROUGH artist says items inside a former Scarborough pub, which is being demolished, should have been recycled and reused rather than destroyed. Eileen Heaton, 62, of Gildercliffe, has seen items including a fridge, washing machine, cooker, microwave, gaming machines, furniture and carpets, light fittings, beer pumps, till and even glasses being destroyed as part of the demolition of the Barrowcliff pub.

The site is being cleared to make way for a new care home for elderly people.

Mrs Heaton, who is a painter, said: “They’re literally smashing through and taking everything with it. It’s very upsetting to see and a lot of stuff could have been recycled. Many people I have spoken to as well as myself have felt that the contents could have been recycled, sold or donated.”

Joanne Williams, business development manager at Redworth Construction, said: “Just about everything in the building could not be re-used as there had been so much deliberate vandalism.

“However, everything that is taken away by the skip companies is recycled at the other end. They have Government targets to fulfill so they actually sort all the material and send it to various places to be recycled. If we were to sort it at this end it would be incredibly time-consuming.”

Scarborough Evening News

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