Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The end of The Mall

The Mall, Camden London

The campaign to save The Mall in Camden Passage appears to be facing defeat, with the landlords of the North London antiques centre having evicted all the remaining dealers.

The iconic Grade II listed building at the head of the famous antiques thoroughfare, which formerly housed over 30 dealers, now lies empty with the shutters down. Members of the trade, local residents and Islington Council have expressed their outrage at the closure of what has been an important focal point for the trade and the community.

Islington Council leader James Kempton said, "This is a very sad day and one we all hoped could be avoided, but the developers are more interested in making a fast buck."
The owners of the Mall, the retail property investment company London & Associated Properties (LAP), gave dealers until October 1st. It is thought that LAP are attempting to convert the two floors of the building into single units in order to sell the space to a multi-national chain.

A number of dealers have moved across London to Gray's antiques centre in Mayfair. Mike Weedon of Camden Passage Associates said, "For the landlords to do this at a time when shock markets are falling and in the midst of a slump in commercial property seems foolhardy."

The public enquiry will be held on December 9-10 at The Crescent Suite Highbury, 70 Ronalds Road, London N5 1XA. Anyone wishing to speak should give their name at the door on arrival before 10am on December 9.

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