Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lassco, Three Pigeons Milton Common

Late summer best-seller at architectural salvage dealers Lassco's Oxfordshire branch is a large collection of weathered Mediterranean storage jars of a type known by the Greek word 'Pithoi'.

Thought to originate in Crete and in use as early as the Bronze Age, these ceramic jars found favour throughout the Mediterranean and over the centuries have served many purposes. They were mainly used to store oil, wine or grain. but since some are tall as a man they were even used as coffins when wood was in short supply.

The collection at Lassco Three Pigeons in Milton Common comes from a private source and most are early 20th century, although a few are earlier.

They are still used for storage but also as decorative garden features. You'll be hard pressed to find a designed garden in a lifestyle magazine without a pithoi or two dotted about. I am told they make ideal waterbutts. But despite the trend towards green and Lassco's dedication to recycling, I am assured they are not being bought as coffins - at least a far as we know!

(Taken from the ATG 6th September 2008)


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