Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How can I Recycle or Reuse This

Above: an idea of how to change your old jeans into a new pair of slippers

How can I Recycle This gives creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff. The site is said to have started from a bowl of pistachio nut shells;

"After we gorged ourselves on their lovely innards, they, the shells, just sat there, looking useful and versatile - but we no idea what we could possibly do with them. Just throwing them on the compost heap seemed a waste - all the effort to make them tough and solid, and here we were just hoping they’d rot back down to mulch before the potatoes needed earthing up. When we thought about it, we were in the same position with lots of things: leftover bits of food, old household items, empty containers of all shapes and sizes… And so this site was born, " said the site curators.

Items are added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, giving interesting ideas of how to reuse or recycle almost everything including catalogues, pickle vinegar, shot glasses and heeled shoes. Once the item has been added other people post their ideas of how to reuse or recycle the item, which gives an eclectic mix of ideas.

How can I Recycle This

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