Thursday, February 21, 2008

Renovation Award

Bethnal Green Road, East London UK

Above: Rich Mix new arts venue from redundent building (pict. from

A project by Penoyre and Prasad has won the inaugural European Aluminum in Renovation Award for the best use of aluminium in a public building. "Rix Mix" is an East End of London property that has been transformed by the use of external aluminium louvres whilst still maintaining its original facade. not only has the property been totally transformed but also the internal space has been giver a new lease of life by controlling solar gain. Situated in bethnal Green Road in East London the project involved the conversion and enlargement of a derlict concrete frame building previously used as workshops for the manufacture of leather goods into new intercultural arts centre and performance venue.

Bernard Fitzimons commented, "This project is called Rich Mix and when you look at it, it is a rich mix. it uses an animated facade and colour to reveal that animation. i hope it proves to be a building that the people of the East End of London and the users of the building continue to enjoy."

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