Friday, February 08, 2008

Norbord supplies wood for sustainable build

Aberdeen, Scotland

Timber products manufacturer Norbord has supplied its Sterling OSB3 moisture-resistant sheathing board for use in a project to develop a sustainable low-cost rural housing concept in Scotland.

project, led by Aberdenshire-based timber building specialist Sylvan Stuart, involves the build of a prototype "Model-D' timber house at Pitmachie, just north of Aberdeen. The house aims to demonstrate the concept of a low cost, environmentally sustainable home built entirely of locally grown timber. The building's timber fram,e employs Sterling OSB3 as external wall panel sheathing, roof sheathing and floor sheathing, relying on the material to provide rigidity and strength to the structure.

Norbord said its Sterling OSB is sustainable as it's made from timber grown in sustainably-managed Scottish forest. Sterling OSB makes use of 'thinnings', the small diameter logs from immature trees harvested to allow larger specimens to grow to maturity. The company adds that wood which might otherwise go to waste provides the raw material for Sterling OSB.

The prototype Model-D house will incorporate 220 sheets of moisture-resistant sterling OSB3. The cottage (which incorporates traditional features of the Scottish vernacular such as a long linear plan and 45 degree roof pitches) is made almost entirely of Scottish grown timber.

Architect Gokay Deveci, said: "The house is a modern take on traditional Scottish designs - unobtrusive and complementing the landscape. It is built almost entirely out of timber and is highly insulated, with triple-glazing all round. As a result, it is environmentally sustainable and almost entirely passive; no heating system is required".

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  1. What thickness is this board and what sort of composition are the walls.


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