Monday, November 26, 2007


Above: Examples of the recycled plastic sheets, including wellies, CDs, plastic bags and mobile phones, prices range from £65 to £300 for a 2m by 1m sheet

Above: How the sheets can be used once they are bought by the designers

SmilePlastics the home of recycled plastics

SmilePlastics launched their first products a range of sheets made from old plastics bottles in 1994. Originally containing shampoo, detergent or milk, the bottles have been collected, sorted, flaked and thoroughly washed to remove any remaining contaminants. Looking like multi-coloured corn-flakes the pieces are then compressed into sheets by a process of heat and pressure, which retains the colours of the original bottles.

The second product range were made from high impact polystyrene and therefore designed to be more ridged and harder. Since then further products have been launched including crushed CDs, plastic water bottles, toothbrushes, banknotes, mobile phones and welly sheets. All of which are visually appealing, with their abstract impressionist colours and versitile as they are easily cleaned and transformed into numberous objects. SmilePlastics sell the sheets to a range of designers who create furniture, guitars, ornaments, fit bathrooms and kitchens with the recycled plastic. More commercial uses of the sheets have been in The Science Museum, the Tate Gallery and the V & A in London and various Body Shops throughout Spain have also adopted the product.


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