Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jeff Koons' heart breaks record

Above:Jeff Koons' heart

Sothebys, New York, USA

ON the evening of November 14, 2007 at a Sotheby’s Contemporary Art sale in New York Jeff Koons’ Hanging Heart sold for a record $23,561,000. The magenta and gold heart took ten years from conception to completion and is one of five uniquely coloured versions. The monumental’s heart is coated in more than ten layers of paint. Executed in high chromium stainless steel, weighs over 3,500 pounds, is over nine feet tall and took over 6,000 man hours to produce. So surely it was worth the $23.5 million?.......


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  1. LOL. His dealer bought it back from a former employee he sold it to for 4-mil. Said former emplouee flips for $20+ mil. Nice friggin payday!


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