Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reuse for new design at the London design festival

Above: Max New for 2007 -

London Design Festival 15-25 September

The London Design Festival is one of the largest in the world and therefore it is no wonder that it has grown to incorporate eco-friendly and reused materials in some of its pieces. Innovative organisations such as [re]design and reestore are involved in events attached to the London Design Festival which reuse materials such as reclaimed trolleys, rejected barrows and discarded tables to reform into quirky new design.
Some of London's leading young designers are creating a show based on the creativity and potential of salvage at Liberty, Londons leading stage for design (the date of which will be on the London Design Festival website at a later date) . Unwanted and discarded materials spark the imagination and unearth a world of hidden potential once an object is re-evaluated and reused.

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