Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Artist to dump vanload of plastic waste into the river Thames

Artist throws plastic waste into River Thames

London, uk

The artist and environmental campaigner Mark McGowan which some of you might remember for Forward rolling all the way from the site of the old Baltic Exchange in London to the Salvo fair in Knebworth complete with reclaimed door and bricks. Plans a new performance piece and this time its a little more controversial...

Mark said "In the name of art an outrageous act was committed today as an artist threw plastic rubbish into the River Thames
in a protest against the total disregard of plastic waste thrown into the rivers, seas and oceans of the world causing an enviromental catastrophe. "Obviously it is very wrong what has happened here today but people everywhere need to be aware that they are destroying the waters of London and the seas of the world with their wanton disregard for the disposal of plastic such as bottles, crisp packets and plastic bags, the effect it is having on our environment is terrible this is happening every minute of the day and night and it's got to stop now!"

Mark agrees that this was a sensationalist art piece and claims it was intentionally so. This project is trying to get peoples attention. Plastic production is out of control, and governments need to address how much people really need plastic, how much they are using and how much they are throwing away. There is a serious imbalance there.It is quite simply very very wrong. We admit what has happened here today is criminal but we consider this act an art piece the pollution in our waters of plastic waste and the over production of plastic is far more criminal. The project is entitled PLASTIC TEARS 2007 which is in reference to Mermaid Tears which are small pieces of un-biodegradable pieces of plastic which are washing up on shores and coastlines all over the world. Some members of the public who witnessed the event got very angry.

The event will take place in London, Bermondsey wall East (by Angel pub) on 23 September 2007 at 12.00.


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  1. I'm confused as to what is regarded as art and what is considered littering.

    After reviewing the Tate yesterday I'm astounded at what can often pass as art. If a year 12 student was to submit some of the art which I saw mounted at the Tate they would receive a fail mark.

    Of course, there are some excellent works there as well, much prefer the London Gallery though.


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