Thursday, May 10, 2007

Serbian smokehouse at this year's Salvo Fair

Above: Some typical Serbian smokehouses looking for new owners before they fall down, or get demolished in the drive for modernisation.

Knebworth, Hertfordshire UK - ANDY Triplow of salvage company Architectural Treasures in Kent is hoping to bring either parts of, or a complete, Serbian smokehouse to this year's Salvo Fair at Knebworth, Sat 30 Jun - Sun 1 Jul.

These rustic uncared for rural buildings, many of which have already fallen into decay, are being rescued, either as intact pieces or for their reclaimable oak. Is there anyone ambitious enough to want somewhere to smoke their cheese and sausages (is that allowed in suburban Isleworth?) or perhaps a Serbian ex-pat hankering after a bit of the old country in which they can retreat from the turmoil of the twentieth century.

The smokehouses are mainly built from hundred-year-old thick oak planking - which can make a product with its own merits either as resawn flooring or for use in building reclaimed oak furniture, windows and doors, or other building elements.

Andy Triplow said, "I am not sure whether we will have time to get a complete smokehouse to Knebworth, but if we don't, we will have some Serbian smoked sausage, maybe some elements from a smokehouse, and photos. We would be happy to talk to potential buyers of either complete buildings or reclaimed Serbian oak on our stand at the show. We will also be there on the trade day on Friday 29 June in case anyone wants a longer more serious chat. We hope to have one erected in our Smarsden yard later this year."

Contact Architectural Treasures telephone 01233 813355

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