Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eBay breaches own rules on theft and ivory

USA and UK - EBAY is accused by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in a report called Bidding for Extinction of allowing the sale of ivory necklaces without documentation to prove they're being offered legally. "An investigation of 2,275 ivory listings during seven days in February - which examined eBay Inc. sites in the United States, Britain, China, and other countries - found laws were not being rigorously enforced," according to MSNBC News Services. "More than 90 percent of listings were found to violate eBay's own wildlife policies - designed to stop trading in endangered animals, the group claims. On eBay's British site, 10 of 424 ivory listings were found to be compliant."

eBay is also criticised for allowing the sale of stolen goods by shoplifters, says the Daily Mail. "House of Fraser, River Island, Asda and other retailers met the company and asked it to share intelligence on suspect sellers," the Mail says. "The retailers demanded that eBay ban the sale of credit notes and vouchers sold by high street stores. Shoplifters return stolen goods and exchange them for vouchers."

MSN News

Daily Mail

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