Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walcot auction high trade turn out

Above: In this pic: Rod Donaldson, Marcus Olliff, Sam Coster, Dean Cannadine, Rob Thomas, Rupert Woods and auctioneers on the mezzanine.

Left: The yard at Bathampton

Left: Lots 911-914 12 unrestored cast iron roll top baths, estimate £400-£800

Above: Lot 935 Eight Bath and Portland stone composite supporting a wooden pergola with metal ties. Est £1,500 - £2,500

Bath, Somerset, UK - At the beginning of Walcot Reclamation's two day sale on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th February 2010, the yard at Bathampton was swathed in fog and freezing drizzle. However, this did not put off the crowds of people registering in a frenzy at a small booth inside the warehouse where the auction would take place.

On Monday morning it became clear that the auction was moving along slowly but lots were reaching good prices. There seemed to be a hint of sentimentality in the air for the possible demise of one of the UK's first reclamation yards. This perhaps helped push up prices. For example lot 66, A pair of bath stone ball finials estimated at £100-£150 went for £750.

Dean Cannadine, Architectural Salvage Source, Herts said, "Everything's very expensive at the moment. We're here for the materials, which are being sold tomorrow."

On Tuesday afternoon, things were still going well. Graham Cockle of BCVA Auctioneers said "At present we are above target and very pleased. The advertising we did with Salvo has been the best for bringing in the trade."

Damian Cronin of Woodstone, Surrey, (who started at Walcot) said, "All the usual suspects are present. All lots are making good money. If Rick had done this a year ago, perhaps he
could have saved a pioneering business." Rick Knapp, owner of Walcot Reclamation Ltd, placed the company in administration in December.

Andy Triplow of Architectural Treasures, Kent said, "It's sad to see another business go under, but that does mean more stock for us! I bought a slate fireplace for the insert, estimated at£2,800, and paid £500."

Rupert Woods of Leominster Reclamation, Herefordshire, who had bought some fireplaces, stained glass and flooring said, "There's no real bargains to be had. It is good from the trade's point of view to see stock going for high prices. The auctioneers have done a good job, but things have been very slow, possibly because of the online bidders. Yesterday I nearly lost the will to live, because it was so cold!"

Steve Tomlin, of MASCo, Glos, was effusive. "This is probably the best turn out I've seen at a trade auction for a long time. Prices have held above bottom estimate and many items have achieved prices well above top estimate. The trade support reflects the high esteem in which the name of Walcot Reclamation is held," he said.

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