Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 houses demolished in 10 minutes

Following the decision in 2006 to demolish the Dudley North Priory estate due to its deterioration the final two houses have been demolished in just 10 minutes.

Andy Cook, from Humphries Demolition Ltd said, "The remains of the last two properties will be painstakingly sorted by hand – allowing reclaimed bricks to be added to the 500,000 which are already being shipped to other building projects." Mr Cook added that up to 97 per cent of the debris created during the demolition will be reclaimed and reused.

"The first stage of the demolition was to go into the houses and carry out a soft-strip where all the fixtures and fittings are removed. This allowed us to carefully extract floorboards and plasterboard to be recycled. Once the buildings themselves are pulled down workmen go through the bricks and chip render off whole ones before they are stacked on pallets and sold on," he explained.

If planning permission is granted the Bromford Group will go ahead with a 314-home development including apartments, bungalows and houses and will be a combination of rented, privately owned and shared ownership properties.

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