Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wine barrel recraft

Reclaimed item of the week

For 2008 'barrel art' initiative Glenfiddich whisky asked the london-based design consultancy Johnson Banks to interpret the length of time it takes for Glenfiddich single malt whisky to mature in barrels. Michael Johnson and his team decided to focus on the ‘jobs’ that each part of the barrel have to do over the different lengths of time the five different whiskies mature. the shortest length of time whisky is in a barrel is 12 years, the longest is 30.

Above: The whiskey barrel relates to 1987 - 'for 21 years we take a share', over the course of 21 years, nearly half a barrel of liquid will evaporate. legend has it that this is the ‘angel’s share’.

Above: The whiskey barrel relates to 1978 - 'I will wait for 11,000 nights - I will wait for 11,000 days', the whisky that takes longest to mature, the 30 years, is represented by the moon and the sun etched and charred onto the lid of a barrel.

Haute Nature Wine Barrel art


Johnson Banks

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