Friday, November 14, 2008

A story with a happy ending

Above: The bollard installed at Mr Fotsch's home in France

IBS Reclaim, Buckinghamshire UK

SalvoNEWS subscribers might remember an article in a past edition of the magazine, about interesting things for sale on SalvoWEB. One of the highlights was a cast iron London street bollard, a genuine novel item with the crest and date plate visible.

IBS Reclaim have recently informed us that as a result of the Salvo ad the bollard has sold for its asking price of £250+vat. On Tuesday 11th November the bollard was sold to a Mr Fotsch, IBS were surprised that a couple of days later on the 13th November they received photos of the bollard insitu at the customers second home in South West France where it had successfully arrived on the back of a Land Rover.

David Marlow from IBS said, "Mr Fotch is of German origin and worked in the financial sector within the city of London, thus his fondness for the bollard, he also purchased a replia post for the same property in an attempt to confuse and amuse his French friends and neighbours."

IBS Reclaim

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