Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stoneage brush with fame

Stoneage, Enfield Middlesex

Above: Christopher Biggins with Kieran Hampson of Stoneage

Above: To Tommy Walsh with the staff at Stoneage (Names from left to right James Hampson - Kieran Hampson - Tommy Walsh - John Turner - Trevor Reade

Recently Stoneage have been propelled into the limelight with a certain celebratory becoming an almost permanent fixture at their yard in Enfield, Middllesex. Lisa from Stoneage said, "Our reclamation yard is featured in most episodes of Greener Homes currently running on the Discovery Channel every Thursday at 9pm. Highlights include interviews with presenter Tommy Walsh and staff discussing the Green Issues of reclamation and it's importance to the environment, and when the Stoneage team sanded and danish oiled Christopher Biggins quality garden furniture, which should be aired early September".


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