Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its festival time

Myhab solution to reduce tent waste to landfill. A new form of green, luxury festival accommodation service has become available to festival-goers.

Made from ultra tough recycled plastic and water proof cardboard, the temporary two-person living spaces are said to provide 'festival-goers an ethical, eco-friendly, luxury accommodation service'. The service works by festival-goers pre-booking a myhab on the website which is then set up for them at the event.

James Dunlop came up with the idea for myhab as a student at Bristol UWE. He noticed that several thousand tents were cold-heartedly abandoned at festivals each year. Not only did this mean a shed load of clearing up to do for the organisers, but it also meant tons of un-recyclable rubbish ended up in landfill after each event.


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