Tuesday, January 22, 2008

La Fontaine de Tourny

Quebec city, Canada

Above: The Fontaine de Tourny installed in Quebec

Above: Marc and Daisy beside the Fountaine de Tourny

La Fontaine de Tourny was made by the French sculptor Mathurin Moreau and cast in 1850 by the Val d'Osne foundry. It was one of a pair that stood in the French city of Bordeaux. In 2007 it was shipped to Quebec from Paris and stored on lle d'Orleans, where specialist crafts people restored and refurbished it. The fountain was purchased from Marc and Daisy Maison, former Salvo Code dealers based in Parisa, as a gift to the city to celebrate its 400th anniversary, by Quebec fashion retailer La Maison Simons. The restored fountain was opened by the Prime Minister

Fountaine de Tourny

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