Saturday, August 18, 2007

Salvo ads in the Sunday Times

TIMES ONLINE, UK - SALLY Kinnes writes a two part highly recommended and informative comprehensive UK guide to all things reusable, how to dispose of and buy or be given them, in the Sunday Times July 29 and August 5, which very nicely also includes, although she does say that our for sale ads cost £5 each, which is not correct.

It is correct to say that SalvoWEB users who register with hotmail, yahoo, gmail and other free email addresses are charged a one-off non-refundable £5 verification fee, but this is not charged to normal or business email address holders who can register free of charge.

Most ads on SalvoWEB are free, but we do charge for ads for new items and buttons. All ads for antique, reclaimed, salvaged and secondhand goods are free on and and and but we do charge for ads for new replica and repro items. These cost 2p per item per day. Salvo Directory business entries cost 2p per day. Theft alerts cost 2p per day. DIY Web Sites cost £10 to set up and 2p per item per day.

If you are a journalist and need more help on our ad cost structure, which is basically free for private users, please call our London office on 020 8400 6222.

That doesn’t have to go on the dump ... part 1 by Sally Kinnes
Someone, somewhere can use that old rubbish ... part 2 by Sally Kinnes

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