Friday, January 12, 2007

Sony paint pyrotechnics in Glasgow flats

Glasgow, Scotland UK - THE demolition of the blocks of flats, used in Sony's giant paint advertising campaign, has been postponed. The stunt, which used 70,000 litres of paint and 54km of copper wire, taking four months, orchestrated by 200 people, that culminated in a paint explosion and a lone running clown in July 2006, was designed to advertise Sony's new Bravia TV. The Queen's Court flats in Toryglen were built in 1968 and are due to be demolished soon as part of Glasgow Housing Association's regeneration plans.

The 70 second ad was made by Jonathan Glazer, who also did the Guinness Surfer and Swim Black ads, and is a keen Arsenal fan. Here is the ad:

and here is how it was made:

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