Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Conservationist thinking . . .

CHARLES Mynors: "There are now around 500,000 listed buildings in England, which is enough at the present rate of demolition to last 5,000 years."
Conservationist lawyer. (There are also 9,000 conservation areas which contain a million buildings.)

MICHAEL Heseltine: "I would like another chance to put right things I got wrong."
Former UK Government minister in charge of listed buildings.

FIONA Reynolds: "It's not all doom and gloom."
Director General of the National Trust.

GRIFF Rhys-Jones: "I long for some sort of institution to actively promote new thinking about reuse."
Comic presenter of TV's Restoration series.

JOHN Yates: "What scares me? Building owners consigning their history to the skip."
Chairman of Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

MALCOLM Airs: "In ten years, the Heritage Lottery Fund has spent £3 billion on 15,000 projects."
Professor of Conservation, Oxford University.

JOHN Preston: "Five million of the 25 million buildings in England pre-date 1919. Twenty-five per cent of 645,000 planning applications had conservation implications."
Trustee COTAC, chairman IHBC education.

DONOVAN Rypkema: "The US National Register of Historic Places covers 1.2 million buildings . . . with each building having almost no protection. In 30 years of historic tax credits nearly $37 billion has been invested in 34,000 historic US buildings."
Principal of PlaceEconomics USA

DAVID Lambert: "Historic parks and gardens are latecomers to the feast of heritage legislation and protection. It was the storms of 1987 that really increased the levels of funding."
Parks Agency and Garden History Society.

ADAM Wilkinson: "SAVE's own view on some of the buildings it originally campaigned against, such as the Gateshead car park, have been reversed. The greatest threat to our heritage is Ruth Kelly's Housing Market Renewal Initiative . . . destruction of 57,000 homes, the majority pre-1919."
Secretary SAVE Britain's Heritage

Quotes taken from The Journal of Architectural Conservation published by Donhead 2006.

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