Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SalvoWEB explained at this year's Salvo Fair

Knebworth, Hertfordshire UK - SalvoWEB.com is a great site, but can be a little complicated and daunting, especially for trade users. Here Boz Kay, long-term programmer of SalvoWEB.com and other Salvo web sites, explains how it works and what is available on a 14 minute video.

Watch out for a cameo appearance from Simon Wharton, a French antique fireplace dealer, who has been using a Salvo new style web site at WhartonAntiques.com. The beauty of this system is that you cahn have your own web site, but every item placed on it can also appear on SalvoWEB, so you get the advantage of the 12,000 visitors a day traffic on SalvoWEB together with your own personal business web site.

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