Friday, September 15, 2006

Gaze bygones sale tomorrow

Diss, Norfolk UK - T W GAZE is holding a bygones sale on Saturday 16 September featuring 1000 lots of rural and domestic paraphernalia, including the collection of a retiring gamekeeper, and the contents of a local museum. "My personal favourite in this sale is a Victorian cucumber slicer estimated at around £50," Carl Willows, Gaze's expert in charge, told SalvoNEWS, clearly Freudian as Mr Willows has too many children. Also of possible interest is an American apple peeler, the return of the turret clock - accompanied by more clocks this time. I like the look of the reaper's whetstone in a leather case. It's about time everyone got out into the fields at this time of year and did some manual harvesting. Happily I am not the only believer, as there is an obscure Czech group called Scythe Renaissance who do just that. There are some people who may say that I should join them on a permanent basis!

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