Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robert and Linda Grimmond of Woodlands bow out with a two day sale

Above: Auctioneer Andrew Snelgar selling the Wisley Sundial

Robert and Linda Grimmond had been selling Reclaimed Building Materials and Architectural Antiques from their Woodlands Nursery Yard just west of Guildford for the last 25 years, it was therefore with great regret that the decision was made to retire from what had been and remained a good Business; both Robert and Linda want to spend more time with their Grandchildren and take life at a slightly slower pace, this led Robert to call in specialist Auctioneer Glen Snelgar of Wellers Auctioneers of Chertsey whom Robert had dealt with over the last 20 years particularly when Glen was running Wellers Auctions at the old Guildford Cattle Market.

Robert took great care in laying out the sale in what had been a tightly stocked yard whilst Wellers went to town promoting and cataloging the Auction, their hard work led to the creation of a very interesting 1900 lot Auction spread over two days which attracted 380 buyers including those who travelled from Northern Ireland, The Peak District, The Cotswolds and Norfolk.

Friday 15 May focused on materials and included good runs of Yorkstone Flagstones, Rockery stone, Walling and Paving; the small runs of Bricks and Tiles on offer were best suited to small projects and patching jobs.

Saturday 16 May featured the Architectural Antiques and specialist Garden items. Throughout Saturday prices exceeded expectation a good example being the two Chinese Millstone tables which were expected to achieve in the region of £500 each, when the hammer fell at £1250 on the second table Robert instructed Glen to sell the third table which he and Linda had been saving for their own garden this also sold for £1250. The Auctioneers were also surprised when two buyers battled hard for a cast iron Victorian Bread Oven door to a very satisfactory £165.

Above: Glen Snelgar selling Robert Grimmonds lorry

Steve Tomlin, of MASCo, writes:

Robert and Linda Grimmond Retirement Sale, Wood Street Village, Guildford, Surrey

After a difficult first day Linda and Robert enjoyed a hectic Saturday which saw highly successful results and lots of buyers. For many years Linda and Robert, and their dedicated staff have served the Guildford and Surrey district with high quality garden, landscape and architectural materials. Having taken the decision to retire the Grimmonds appointed Wellers Auctions to promote and operate the actual auction.

Like those before who choose a large dispersal auction as the preferred route to sell off their stock, Robert and Linda discovered just how much hard work was involved preparing such a huge enterprise in the weeks leading up to the sale day.
Old friends and staff rallied to the Grimmonds to operate everything very efficiently from the car park to site facilities.
Remarkably, Linda and Robert both seemed to find the time and patience to welcome everyone and answer the myriad of questions without ever losing the warmth and helpfulness for which they are renown.

According to Robert first day building materials were very much a buyer’s market. Dan Hill from Brighton was amongst those very keenly bidding with bargains galore across a whole range of landscape materials. Patrick Normand, Debbie Kedge and Sam Coster all attended.

Saturday saw the public arrive in their hoardes and despite poor weather they remained throughout the day bidding keenly.
It was good to see Mark and Jackie Groes, late of Pew Corner and described as towers of strength by the Grimmonds, together with Edward Neish of Jardinique, the former helping with the organisation and the latter spending lots of money. A fine limestone sundial with an associated gnomon made £2800 with commission. Chimney pots and garden smalls were as popular with general public as ever.

It is always difficult to comment on an architectural antiques auction when you know the goods on offer represent the hard won proceeds of many years of effort. Robert and Linda have given their lives to our difficult profession, as their many friends at the sale evidenced. The Grimmonds will leave a significant hole in the Surrey market place which will be difficult to fill with the same vigour and knowledge. To their eternal credit the yard was always stocked full of genuine reclamation and they gave good measure. Robert’s word was his bond.

From their many friends and customers we wish them every success and an exciting retirement.

Steve Tomlin
Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company
Stroud Gloucestershire

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